Swordpoint & Milites Mundi Downloads

NEW!!! Army List Template
Here is the standard template we use for all our Army Lists at Beast Towers and the one we ask people to use when registering their army for a tournament. The example if filled in for an Avar army, but use this as a guideline and overwrite with your army's data!

NEW!! Milites Mundi Diagram Errata - in a printable format too.

NEW!! New Scenario by Martin ENTER THE CATAPHRACTS!!
The Battle of Panion during the fifth Syrian War between Ptolemaic Egypt and the Seleucid Empire, saw the first known deployment of a new troop type in the Seleucid army, the Cataphract or fully armoured horse and rider. Read all about it and a scenario for recreating the battle HERE!



Milites Mundi Quick Reference Sheet v1.0

UPDATED - Swordpoint Quick Reference Sheet v1.5

Bonus Download Only Army Lists!

Sengoku Jidai Japanese Army List

FRENCH Language QRF!!

Early Tudor English Army List - It's Henry VIII!!

Fancy Saladin's Army? Draw it up using this list!

Click here to download the Baltic Pagan list!

Click here to download the Gallic list (v2)!

Click here to download Medieval English list!

Click here to download the Medieval French list Part One!

Click here to download the Medieval French list Part Two!

Click here to download the Pyrrhic list Part One!

Click here to download the Pyrrhic list Part Two!

Seleucid Army List - as featured in Wargames Illustrated BUT CORRECT




Need Scenarios for Swordpoint? Download all twelve of them here!

Click here to download Scenarios Introduction & Scenario 1 - Skirmish!

Click here to download Scenario 2 - Scouting Clash & Scenario 3 - Hidden Deployment!

Click here to download Scenario 4 - Rearguard & Scenario 5 - Out Scouted!

Click here to download Scenario 6 - Meeting Engagement & Scenario 7 - River Crossing!

Click here to download Scenario 8 - Attack The Camp & Scenario 9 - Flank Attack!

Click here to download Scenario 10 - Ambush & Scenario 11 - Raid!

Click here to download Scenario 12 - The Shall Not Pass!

Bonus Download Only Scenarios!

Barbarian Ambush!
(Thank you Wayne!)

Battle of Sabis


Here are the rules for Torsion Artillery in case you want to incorporate catapults, ballistas etc..

Click here to download the Torsion Artillery rules for Swordpoint (v2)




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