TL5049 Army Painter Self Healing Cutting Mat


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TL5049 Army Painter Self Healing Cutting Mat

Price: £9.00

You've picked your first army and now you have to assemble those hordes of grey plastic minis. Before you get to clipping, cutting, and gluing you need a Self-Healing Cutting Mat!

The Army Painter Self-Healing cutting mat is made of highly durable PVC material that is highly resistant to puncture and self-healing by design. Use this to protect your hobby desk, kitchen table, or whatever surface you hobby on! 

The Self-Healing Cutting Mat is two-sided. On the front, it is a bright red marked with a precise grid and base-size measurements to ensure you have the right size base for the miniature you're assembling. Turn it over, and you have a clean black side that is cleverly branded and makes for the perfect backdrop when photographing your miniatures to share on social media.

The Cutting Mat is perfectly sized for any tabletop and small enough to take with you when hobbying at the game store or a friend's house. Have more models to build, The Army Painter Self-Healing Cutting Mat is stackable, storable, and affordable enough to have multiples!

Size: 220x300 mm or 8.7x11.8 inches and 3mm thick

Brand: Army Painter

Code: TL5049