GBP25 Swordpoint Milites Mundi Rulebook


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GBP25 Swordpoint Milites Mundi Rulebook

Price: £15.00

Milites Mundi is a 'big battle' games rule set for fighting actions in the ancient and medieval periods.
Games of Milites Mundi involve hundreds of figures per side arranged into multiple units.
The game is designed to last for two hours and encourages the use of historical tactics and formations (without being prescriptive) and emphasises the need to maintain cohesion in the army's battle line and sweeping flank attacks.

Milites Mundi is based upon the Swordpoint system but has been designed for use with smaller scale figures and capitalises on the opportunities for grand scale battles this presents.

In support of the rules system, we are releasing our first two 10mm ranges, Parthians and Early Imperial Romans, with more to come!

Softback 58 pages in full colour including full index and comprehensive diagrams.
Full rules & 12 Scenarios.

Uses the same Army Lists and Campaign Supplements as Swordpoint but please note, you do NOT need a copy of the Swordpoint Rulebook!

NEW!! Milites Mundi Diagram Errata - in a printable format too.

NEW!! Milites Mundi QRS!

Using Swordpoint Army List specific rules in Milites Mundi!



Brand: GB 10mm

Code: GBP25