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SoG01d Soldiers of God (Reborn version!)

SoG01d Soldiers of God (Reborn version!)

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Soldiers of God - Tabletop wargames rules for the Raids, Battles and Sieges of the Crusades

'Soldiers of God' is a full battle game, utilising units of between 8-16 models (cavalry is 4-8 models), in either small fast moving Raids, Field Battles (the standard line-up and fight) or Siege Assaults (one sides gets the castle walls to defend, the other attacks it).

It is card-driven, using an action card deck, to give orders to each of your army's 'Battles'. A 'Battle' is a sub-division of the army, a third of it, either the left, centre or right Battle. These can all act together on the same action card.

The first of the 'Soldiers of..' series by Artorus Games (Top Chum Warwick Kinrade), this system uses a deck of flavourful action cards which drive the turn sequence and really bring the game to life. The game is a firm favourite here at Beast Towers but has been unavailable since we sold out of the original printed copies. Unfortunately, disaster struck at Artorus Manor and the manuscript and print files were lost. Warwick recently discovered a PDF version of the book and has recreated the cards and this is what is now available. Please be aware that the file is probably NOT suitable for printing out, although you will need to print out the cards at the end of the manuscript to be able to play the game. We think a small inconvenience to have access to this fantastic game again.

Highly, highly recommended.


Brand: Artorus Games

Code: SoG01d