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Soldiers of Napoleon, Great Battles - Wagram, Campaign Supplement (PDF will be emailed to you!)


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Soldiers of Napoleon, Great Battles - Wagram, Campaign Supplement (PDF will be emailed to you!)

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Soldiers of Napoleon - Great Battles - Wagram

Please note that this supplement is a digital product for you to either use on your digital device or to print out yourself. File will arrive in PDF format to the email address used when purchasing. Item will be emailed as soon as possible but will not be instant as must be sent manually during office hours.

This PDF Download consists of a short introduction &eleven historical scenarios calculated to recreate the famous actions from the wider Wagram battlefield, authored by Mr Kinrade of Derby.

This is a narrative campaign, construct of eleven scenarios from the wider Wagram battlefield, picking out locations and/or times around the battlefield of significance or importance. It would not be practical (but not impossible with a large enough table), to replay the entirety of Wagram as one game. Instead, it has been broken down into more playable table-top scenarios.

The scenarios are set out chronologically, from the first attacks in the evening of 5th July into the final attacks in the afternoon of July 6th. Scenarios can of course be played as one-off historical refight games, for an evening's entertainment. There is a final 'bonus' scenario for a multi-player game, a bigger scenario than a standard divisional sized Soldiers of Napoleon game, for MacDonald's attack with the Army of Italy. This isn't actually part of the ten battle campaign, but an extra, stand-alone scenario for gaming groups with access to a large table and plenty of miniatures!

Each scenario's result will contribute to the overall victory in the day's fighting at Wagram. No single engagement will win the day outright, but the side that does better across all the scenarios will have won the day and the campaign. 

As commanders, you are refighting 'your' Wagram, not 'the' Wagram.

Please note - You will need a copy of Soldiers of Napoleon Rulebook and Card Set to fully appreciate and use this supplement.

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