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New releases for July 2021. New Viking Warlord & The Black Knight await your armies.

Fell deeds awake: fire and salughter! A new Viking warlord to lead your warband.

Contains one Viking Warlord figure.

Seperate hand with spear and separate Dark Age Large .Round shield and...

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The Beast Vs Covid & Brexit - POSTAGE CHANGES

The Beast is still OPEN!

We are taking & processing orders as fast as possible while still following government guidelines.

THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting us.

Please note, we are down...

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Battle Ready Brushwork - Painting GBP28 Late Roman Cataphracts

We’ve all got them. A stash, the “lead mountain”, “the cupboard (insert larger storage device if required) of shame”. Vast piles of miniatures we HAD to have. Then the next big thing came along,...

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