NELLY01 Carthaginian African Forest Elephant


  • Classical World
    • Carthaginians
  • Material
    • Metal
    • Resin
  • Unit Type
    • Elephant

NELLY01 Carthaginian African Forest Elephant

Price: £15.00

Far from the first to use elephants in warfare, Carthage's use of these mighty beasts was made famous during the Second Punic War when Hannibal brought thirty-seven across the Alps and into Italy, where they were used to devastating effect at the Battle of Trebia, panicking the Roman cavalry and their Gallic allies. Hannibal's advantage would not last, however, as Rome developed effective counter-measures to his war elephants as the war progressed.

This product contains one Carthaginian African Forest Elephant with an attached howdah in resin. It also contains a trunk, tusks and crew in metal.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled. Sculpted by Soapy.

This example was painted by Mystic Spirals.

Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: NELLY01