SWORDPOINT Dark Age Armies Errata & Living FAQ



Inevitably some errors remain in the published work however hard we try. Sorry!

Page 6: Mayan Slingers are D6 and cost 11 points.

Page 7: Dark Age Britain and Ireland: Infantry may be fielded in Close Order at a base cost of 20 points (Elite Infantry) and 14 points (warriors).

Page 8: Gothic & Vandal Kingdoms: Every other unit of Ostrogoth Comitatus and Elite Cavalry may take barding (+1). Warrior Cavalry are D5. Warrior Infantry may only be Riding Horses if in Combined Formation with Elites.

Page 9: Huns: As Allies the army may have up to 66% of its points total, comprising Alans and/or Frank or Goth infantry,

Page 11: Late Imperial Roman: Auxilia and Archers may be fielded as Skirmishers at a points reduction of 33%.

Page 12: Early Byzantine: Every second cavalry unit may dismount.

Page 15: Avars: Noble cavalry may have half barding at -3 points (as they lose the Nomad Cavalry rule)

Page 21: Thematic Byzantine: The army may include up to 25% Allies.

Page 23: Viking Bondi Archers in Open Order cost 9 points.

Page 25: Arab Caliphates: Abbasiya may not be used by Fatimid armies. Militia Skirmishers are C5 and cost 5 points.

Page 27 : Carolingian: The General is C9 and costs 0 points.

Page 28: Later Saxon Kingdoms Skirmishers cost 4 points.

Page 28: Japanese: Infantry, Retainers: In late armies, units may exchange spear for pike, becoming close order, at a cost of +5 points, not +2.

Page 30: Later Irish: Irish cavalry have the Evade rule and cost 18 points.They may be fielded as Skirmishers at a cost of 16 points. Every second Irish cavalry unit may be upgraded to Nobles (+2); they are Superior Fighters and may have Light Armour (+1).

Page 31: Burmese: Archers may not form more than 50% of the army's foot bases in total.


Living FAQ

New games naturally generate a number of queries and so we intend to build a series of FAQ responses available on this site. The first of these are shown below.

Q. Page 27: Carolingian General C+2, 9 points or C9, 0 points?

A. The Carolingian General should be C9, 0 points.

Q. Hundreds Year War:

Medieval EnglishMen at arms (16 points), superior, full-plate, riding horses (+1 points), double handed weapon (+2 points), veteran (+2 points) - total 21 points.

Medieval FrenchDismounted knights (29 points), superior, full-plate, riding horses (+2 points), double handed weapon (+2 points), veteran - total 33 points.

Why do troops with exactly the same abilities cost different points, also why does the change from shield and partial plate armour to full plate cost 0 points for the English and 2 points for the French?

A. The English men at arms have a base cost of 26 points, there is an error in the list. Likewise, the full plate upgrade for the French should be free.

Q. Page 19: 4.5 Aligning the combatants. In the example picture, attached commanders would not fight, because the centre of the units are not in contact. It is a trick to avoid the commander of the charged unit? Do the chargers not have to bring as many bases as possible into the melee?

A. See just above 4.5 - the centre of the charging unit must reach the target for the charge to succeed.


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